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"Pizzaliener" -pizza tomato liqueur- 0.5 liters "Basilico"

FIRST: We can only deliver the liqueur to German addresses!

We are working flat out to make the liqueur available in other countries as well.


Pizza to drink? Yes!


This really wacky liqueur smells of tomato sauce and oregano and immediately gives you a good feeling: not too complex but sophisticated!

The thoughts are immediately lost in an already known situation that you personally associate with pizza.


The taste is exactly how you would imagine the crispy dough with warm tomato sauce to be: Coated with Mediterranean herbs and refined with extra basil. A real "Basilico".


Exactly like a classic pizza.Of course, the well-known “Basilico” Pizza  shouldn’t be missing either, and so basil can also be found in this edition. Sounds totally crazy and it is!


If you like pizza, you will love this liqueur.


The taste is truly "mind-blowing" and therefore absolutely unique: we don't know anything even remotely comparable! The optics are also a real eye-catcher. The red liqueur looks like an original pizza sauce in a bottle.


Our producer is award-winning, also known in the scene for crazy approaches, a real master of his craft and has created something very special and incredibly delicious with this liqueur. The desired idea of the liquid pizza could be implemented here without compromise.


We are proud to have created a liqueur that is free from artificial additives, emulsifiers or colorings. Only natural and selected ingredients find their way into the bottle.


The authentic basis is always real Italian tomato juice, a specially created oregano-basil spirit provides the alcohol content and the spicy note. Each variety is unmistakably uniquely refined and named with recognition value.


Even if we think the pizza delivery service is an absolute must for all pizza fans:


Testing is above studying ;-)


Alcoholic pizza tomato juice liqueur with 20% alcohol by volume. No sale or sale under the age of 18.


"Pizzaliener" -pizza tomato liqueur- 0.5 liters "Basilico"

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